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SAP S/4 HANA Business Objects on Cloud

What is SAP Cloud for Analytics (SAP BusinessObjects Cloud)?

As always, SAP brings enterprise view and business perspective to Cloud for Analytics, SAP integrates the SaaS and AaaS platform together on HANA cloud as a single platform. SAP delivers real business solutions to organizations from day one of  customer engagement through their existing business content such as finance, supply chain, sales, marketing, human resources and others.

  • SAP Cloud for Analytics installed on SAP HCP (HANA Cloud Platform) infrastructure. Users won’t be able to run any other services on the HCP instance that has been used for SAP Cloud for Analytics.
  • SAP Cloud for Analytics user interface (UI) is based on HTML5 and SAP UI5
  • SAP Cloud for Analytics updated every 2 weeks

SAP's C4A = SaaS + AaaS + HCP

SAP C4A Core Capabilities

  • Core Functionality : SAP’s cloud for Analytics offers several tools and best practices to enable enterprise scale (a) reporting (b) big data analysis (c)predictive  analytics and (d) planning, forecasting and budgeting (e) digital boardroom  (f) GRC access control functionality on the cloud
  • Development Approach : Users should be able to (a) design  (b) develop (c) test  (d) deploy (e) secure and (d) manage business analytics on the SAP cloud for analytics
  • Data Source & Source Systems : With the power of SAP S/4 HANA and  SAP HANA VORA, users should be able to provision data from any sources such as (a) SAP source systems (b) non SAP source systems (c) machine/sensor source (d) HADOOP/HDFS (e) SPARK and (f) social and other sources
  • Support for on Cloud and on Premise :  With the power of SAP HCP,SAP cloud for Analytics supports both on cloud and on premise data sources, business should be able to bring data from any data source into analytics – Your business cloud data source could be in AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft and other cloud service providers
  • In-memory  Data Access : SAP S/4 HANA in-memory capabilities enables business to reference the data for analytics and also import the data for analytics
  • Multi User Collaboration : SAP cloud for analytics provides collaborative development environment where users from different geographical location and business functions can work and collaborate together
  • SAP cloud for analytics supports IoT, Big Data and Data Science

SAP Cloud for Analytics - Launch Pad

SAP C4A Core Capabilities

Where to start our cloud computing journey?-  Can we start with our Application or start with our Analytics team, or both or others ….

I am certain that your enterprise cloud computing strategy and road map will look deeply into cloud computing categories. From cloud transition perspective, start with one or two cloud computing categories (ex:  PaaS, SaaS, etc.) and then move on to the other categories. Adopting cloud computing and maturing on cloud computing may take some time but we need to start somewhere.

Start your cloud computing journey from SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (Software as a Service – SaaS), SAP BusinessObjects Cloud brings enterprise view to business and it empowers business to quickly deliver the key critical business processes (ex: revenue analysis, cost analysis, volume prediction, target marketing, vendor performance, inventory ratio, where house productivity, bill of materials, leads ,planning, budgeting and forecasting) on cloud

Get Started with SAP BusinessObjects Cloud – It’s Easy, Simple, Flexible, Quicker, Cost Effective and Adoptable