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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

The future of efficiency and security without human error

Robotic Process Automation are software tools used in the workplace to automatically process transactions, manipulate data, trigger responses, and communicate with all other necessary systems accordingly. These mimic the work of a human being by using screen and keyboard to drive applications which will execute system-based work thru the standard processes. These robotic software tools will improve organizational performance by using automation in multiple BPM Suites as you adopt S4/HANA applications.

Key Benefits to RPA utilization:

  • Increased Productivity/ Effectiveness: improve time/ SLA/ commitment to customer (external and internal) for the business processes execution
  • Improve Accuracy/ Effectiveness: reduce the error rate for the process execution and improve more accurate outcomes
  • Improve Speed/ Efficiency: improve the time to market and delivery of any task/ activity/ complete process
  • Availability/ Efficiency: As we know the robotics process are available 24×7 while the humans can effectively work only for certain periods of time
  • Business Agility: Changing the robotic phases is much easier, it is quicker to adapt a robotic process and is not associated with employee role definition in the organization
  • Reduce cost by increasing efficiency and reducing costly errors by human intervention in mundane data entry and analysis

Key Characteristics:

  • Structured workflow
  • Clear decision logic
  • Deliver consistent and efficient processes
  • Requires only standard system access, with minimal integration expense
  • Simply build and visual display
  • No programming skills
  • If you can teach it, you can automate it.

Use Cases in different Verticals:

  • Insurance-Client updates, renewal premiums, claims, underwriting, servicing
  • Financial Services-Applications, Statement reconciliation, dispute resolution
  • Healthcare-Patient registration, provider verification, member eligibility
  • Human Resources-W4 mgmt., Benefits, Onboarding, Compliance reporting
  • IT Support-Service Desk, System Administration
  • Data Migration-Legacy system integration, transition, M&A
  • Back Office/Front Office-Admin., reporting, customer support, service desk

Robotic Process Automation is the technology that will allow for increasing bottom line results and increasing efficiency within layers of the organization.

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