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Platform Migration Testing

Platform Migration Testing

Companies migrate to new platforms to move to more sophisticated and improved technologies. These are large and complex programs that may impact many business areas and applications within the organization. The risks involved in such programs are huge and if not planned and coordinated well, the programs may fail to deliver on the expected business and technology objectives. Quality assurance and testing are fundamental to high customer satisfaction and critical for reducing migration risks and ensuring a smooth cutover to production.

Sierra brings deep experience in platform migration testing, which includes database migrations/upgrades, hardware or software end-of-life migrations, migrations involving application consolidation and standardization initiatives, and changes due to mergers and acquisitions. Our migration testing strategy is built on risk/impact-based assessments and has the right mix of automated and manual testing methodologies.

We bring in migration testing expertise, best practices, and solutions for testing critical areas and for mitigating risks and challenges. This ensures that migration projects are completed on time, within budget, with high quality, and reduced risks.

Key Features

  • Database Upgrades/Migration Assurance (e.g., SQL, COBOL to Oracle, DB2 to SQL): Testing of interfacing applications and customizations required due to organizational changes. This includes ETL/transformations testing, system/regression testing of the interfacing applications, performance testing, and security testing.
  • Technology Migration Assurance (e.g., Airline PSS, Cloud, API to Web services, Legacy to Web): Testing of end-to-end business processes and integrations between the new technology and existing applications. This includes component testing of integrations, business testing, performance testing, and security testing.
  • Standards Migration Assurance (e.g., Legacy Files to XML, Proprietary to Standard Protocols): Testing of end-to-end business processes, data validation testing, reports testing, compliance testing, performance testing, and security testing.

The Sierra Advantage

  • Extensive experience in database migration testing, technology migration testing, and standards migration testing, including airline PSS migration testing for large airlines, and SQL migration testing for insurance providers
  • Proven migration test strategy blueprint and estimation model that assists in cost control and speeding-up strategy
  • Ready-to-use Testing Toolkits comprising specialized tools, frameworks, utilities, templates, accelerators, methodologies, process handbooks, reference architecture, and models for migration that ensure cost optimization and high quality
  • Expertise in various commercial and Open Source testing and automation tools

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